Jan 302014

Signing up

  1. Sign up for a free prezi account using your school email.
  2. It must be a student account https://prezi.com/profile/registration/edu/?license_type=EDUENJOY
  3. USE only initials for your first and last name
  4. DO NOT enter your full name or any personal details.
  5. MAKE SURE you keep your info and prezis private.
  6. By using your school email, you are bound by your ICT agreement that you have signed
  7. You are not permitted to use your school email to sign up to anything else.

Creating a Prezi

  1. Look at some example prezis. Here are the winners of the 2014 Prezi competition
  2. Create your own on a school topic theme.
  3. What different tools can you use? Theme, shapes, pictures, fonts, paths,…?
  4. What makes prezi effective as a presentation tool?
  5. Can you use it collaboratively, ie share it? Work on it at the same time? Comment?
  6. Are there eSafety considerations?
  7. Can you find help topics/videos?

Be positive and creative!

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