Jun 032019

Week 3 – finishing

  • Intro (eg black screen, black with title, black)
  • Images with narration
    • Adjust volumes so info is clear
    • Adjust length of images to fit narration – with small gaps for music interlude (only a few seconds)
  • Credits
    • Written and presented by … (first names only)
    • St Mark’s C of E Junior School, Salisbury, 2019
    • Music [name of music] by Kevin MacLeod
    • Insert this picture: “incompetech.com   License: CC BY creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 (or include the slide from me)”

Week 2

By the end of today:

  • All pictures into iMovie
  • Including all blank/title/quote screens
  • Find backing music and email me
  • Narration in note form ready top start narrating next week


GMail app

  1. Log in
  2. At end of session – manage accounts – delete account

Google image search

  1. Swipe colours to the left to find usage rights – labelled for non commercial use

Week 1

  1. Choose your favourite topic from any year at St Mark’s
  2. Plan (use email to draft)
    1. Ideas
    2. Pictures (labelled for non commercial use; attach to email)
    3. Facts
    4. Intro
    5. Outro
    6. Script
    7. Music – look on incompetech.com for appropriate soundtrack music – email me the link
  3. Planning success – minimum
    1. 5 picures
    2. 5 pieces of information (in own words) t go with pictures
    3. music
  4. Produce iMovie (access email on iPad – don’t forget to remove account at end)
    1. Pictures
    2. Edit lengths
    3. Credits
    4. Title
    5. Music – incompetech.com
  5. Share
    1. Save
    2. Publish
    3. Promote

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