Apr 252019
  1. Darkness
    1. variable counting down
    2. Background brightness effect
  2. Movement
    1. follow mouse?
    2. arrow keys?
    3. left-right-jump? (+ platforms?)
  3. Lights out
  4. Disable movement at 0

Computational thinking

  1. Don’t panic! Understand the problem
    1. Game brief
    2. Q and A
  2. Simplify! (decomposition)
    1. Pick ONE part at a time
      1. Sky going dark
      2. Sprite moving UDLR
      3. Turn off lights when touched by sprite
  3. De ja vu?
    1. Have we done anything similar before?
    2. What Scratch blocks do you remember?
  4. Create a plan – algorithm
  5. Have a go…!

Game brief

A game company would like you to make a WW2 blackout themed computer game featuring, the landscape of a UK city threatened by the Blitz.  The aim is to put up blackout curtains in the daytime before nightfall so that the bombers will pass harmlessly overhead during the night.  Successive screen will become harder with more windows to cover and bigger buildings.  Wardens will be patrolling.  You may have to find or buy blackout material.  Depending on how completely you blackout the city, bombs will fall.  How long can you keep your city from being destroyed – a percentage score could drop after each night of bombing….


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