Feb 202018


LF1 Online Safety

  • Watch “Jigsaw”
  • Why is it called Jigsaw?

LF2 Prezi

  • Log into Prezi
  • Make sure you know your Prezi password

LF4 Crystal Rainforest

  • Click on Logins, Crystal ICT
  • Click on Crystal ICT arrow
  • Login – enter username and password
  • If it doesn’t load:
    1. Go to settings
    2. Advanced
    3. Content settings
    4. Allow – Add
    5. Paste in the following link
    6. http://sherston.com/crystal/ict/Default.aspx
    7. Try again

LF4 Decomposition

  • What is decomposition?
  • How can it help in learning/life?
  • Decompose a simple game
  • Plan a rainforest game
  • Login with Scratch stm-ab15


Rainforest alliance

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