May 082018


  1. We are going to plan and create a Greek themed game using Scratch.
  2. Think about some of the stories you have learned about –  Greek gods or heroes.
  3. What stories could you make a game about?
  4. Games could include
    1. Action – running,  jumping,  fighting,  climbing, flying
    2. Questions
    3. Choices
    4. Mazes
  5. Characters (sprites)
    1. Animated (costumes)
    2. Variables – lives, strength
    3. Controls
    4. Main character
    5. Other characters
    6. Other sprites
  6. Screens (Backgrounds)
    1. Title
    2. Instructions
    3. Level 1
    4. More levels


  1. Go to Google classroom to find the planning sheet
  2. Start filling it in
  3. Include sketches of characters using drawings
  4. Go to Scratch to remind yourself of how it works
    1. Comment any “How do I …?” questions on Google Classroom

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