May 142018
  1. Finish your game plan (Google drive – classroom)
  2. Decomposition means breaking a problem or situation down into simple pieces.  When we are programming, we need to break the game down into simple bits that we program one at a time.
  3. Start with one part of your plan, eg how the main character moves.
  4. Break it down:
    1. Animation, eg walking
      1. Draw two or more costumes
      2. Example walking animation
      3. Make them swap all of the time when the greem flag is pressed.
    2. Controls
      1. Arrow keys
        1. Left – change x by -5
        2. Right – change x by 5
        3. Up – change y by 5
        4. Down- change y by -5
      2. Point int the right direction
        1. Left – point in direction – left
        2. Right – point in direction – right
      3. Rotation style: Left-right
  5. Now choose another element of your plan to work on
    1. Break it down…

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