Jun 032019

LF What makes an effective radio programme?

Listen to some of these radio programmes:

  1. What elements make them effective? (Collect ideas then Diamond 9)
  2. Is there anything you would improve?
  3. PMI for radio programmes

LF Planning 10 Qs and As

  • Write 10 questions and answers about the Greeks or (even better) an aspect of the Greeks.

LF Planning a mini documentary

  • Draw a bubble map/mind map of ideas for your programme
  • Use your Greek topic work to add detail to different ideas
  • Take a section each (or with a pair) to work on
  • (If you are working with a pair – don’t “chorus talk”)
  • Record as soon as you have enough for a short section

LF Recording

  • Record short sections (we haven’t got time for lots of takes of longer sections)
  • Just use the video (with the camera covered up) to record parts of your programme.
  • Outro
    • 10 questions and answers about the ancient Greeks was written and presented by [Names]
    • It is a 2019 production as part of Computing at St Mark’s C of E Junior School, Salisbury
    • The music is [name of music] by Kevin Macleod incompetech.com   License: CC BY creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0

LF Backup

  1. Open the Google Drive app
  2. Login
  3.  Click the + at the bottom right – Upload – Photos and Videos
  4. Select your videos
  5. LOGOUT – click three lines (top left) – click username – Manage accounts – MANAGE – REMOVE all accounts

LF Saving your finished iMovie

  1. Click “Done”
  2. Share button (square with up arrow)
  3. Save video – medium
  4. Then upload to Google Drive


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