May 132019

Jungle Rush Sketch videos:

  1. Video 1  – Home screen – gliding on title, sprite and play button
  2. Video 2 – Move to play mode – title, play disappear, sprite to correct position
  3. Video 3 – Moving background – trees
  4. Video 4 – Sprite jumping
  5. Video 5 – More background – clouds
  6. Stage 6 – Enemy sprites
    1. Make a new sprite
    2. When it receives play message, show, go to the right hand side of screen, glide to left hand side of screen – keep doing this (forever).
    3. When green flag clicked, hide
  7. Stage 7 – Back to home screen when dead; Two states home/play
    1. Enemy sprite code – when it hits the cat (forever, if, touching cat sprite), broadcast – new message “home”
    2. Replace all green flag code starters with “When I receive home” blocks
    3. Make one block with: when green flag clicked, broadcast home
  8. Stage 8 – Timer/score
    1. Make a new variable “Score”
    2. Two blocks:
      1. When I receive home
      2. When I receive play

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