Jan 072020

Lesson 1

  1. From j2launch, open Google Drive
  2. Click  “+ New” – “Google Docs”
  3. Look through the menus and options
  4. Create a document with information about South America
  5. How can you use the different tools to present your information effectively?
    1. Banner pictures
    2. Text boxes (tables – coloured boxes)
    3. Text in columns
    4. Pictures/text


Lesson 2

  1. Insert a table
    1. Make the border lines invisible
    2. Colour the cells
    3. Change width/merge cells
  2. Insert pictures
    1. Put them in different places
    2. Crop – eg banner picture at top
  3. Style
    1. Choose font, colours (one or two only)
    2. Avoid rainbox, fancy fonts
  4. Information
    1. Keep it simple and short

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