Jan 292018
  1. Create a Prezi about an interesting wild animal.
    1. arkive.com
  2. Work your way down the Computing Colours skills:
  3. Share your Prezi with me ScreenHunter_155 Jan. 29 08.59Share Prezi… Add people: my email
  • Red
    • use a template in Prezi (or start a blank one)
    • use some tools – eg shapes, add text
  • Orange
    • change font, colour, size, position
  • Yellow
    • include pictures, shapes
      • Search for images on another tab
      • Save image as…
      • In Prezi, Insert image…
  • Green
    • Attention to detail
      • lining up, consistent style
      • text on appropriate background
    • Insert background music (see below)
  • Blue
    • Deliberate choices of layout, style –
      • eg life cycle in circle
      • info about eyesight zoomed into an eye
      • Whole shape of Prezi, eg Amazon forest
    • Use/edit pathways
    • Insert hyperlinks to websites
      • references to where you got your info
  • Purple
    • Critically reflect on work to improve it
    • Ask for and act on advice from others
    • Show thoughts in learning conversation on j2e page
      • I chose …. because….
      • I changed ….. because….

How did that go?

Background music

  • Add music from www.incompetech.com
    • When you’ve found piece you like – click “download as mp3”
    • Go back to Prezi – insert – add background music – look in downloads folder
    • Don’t forget to include credits for the music (copy text below)Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
      Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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