Jan 062020
  1. Open gmail (button in j2launch)
  2. Click “compose” to write a new email
  3. In the “To:” box, copy this email address:
  4. hedgehog@st-marks.wilts.sch.uk
  5. In the subject box, write “secret message”
  6. In the main message box, write a polite message to Harry the hedgehog, asking if he knows anything about a secret message for the children of St Mark’s.
  7. When you get a reply, read it and follow what it says…


  • Make a j23 page called: “Email challenge” so I can grade your work
  • Email the person next to you an interesting fact.
  • Can you think of some sensible rules to keep everyone safe and happy using email? Add them as a comment to this post.


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