Jul 052018

Typing.com until 9.15 (ELM), 10,45 (FIR), 11.35 (HOLLY)

  • Make sure you are using the correct fingers – especially particular children – you know who you are!
  • Make sure you are stretching yourself (not too hard – not too easy)

Main activity

Choose one of the following activities

  1. Continue with the class database

    1. Shared files, British Birds
    2. Use the RSPB website to find information
    3. Enter in the database
    4. I have added a “Who did this record” field – add your name to show that it is your one.
    5. If it keeps on not working, go on to activity 2 or 3…
      1. Bird song
        1. Under the audio clip, click on the link
        2. Download audio file
        3. On the form, upload clip
        4. Then click “my pictures”
  2. Start your own database – choose your own topic

    1. j2launch – j2data – database
    2. On the “define” tab – add fields – think of all the fields you need – you can add more later
    3. On the “form” tab – add data
  3. Create an information poster about a British bird

    1. Include: bold title, pictures, information
    2. Can you include the bird song?
      1. Under the audio clip, click on the link
      2. Download audio file
      3. In j2e click picture icon  then + then “choose file”

FIR – We need to reset passwords

  • Please think of a new password with:
    • letters and numbers
    • at least 8 characters long
    • a capital letter or different symbol, eg !?:()&$£\/<>
  • …and write it in your Reading Record.
  • Next time you log in, it will ask you for you password and then to enter a new one (probnably twice)
  • Make sure you don’t tell anyone your password!

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