Apr 262019

Watch the video about mind maps:

Explore Coggle tools

  • Explore the tools on Coggle (j2launch – Google Drive,  New – more – Coggle)

Mind map from text – Egypt

Transferring to j2e5

  • Click download – image
  • Right hand click – copy
  • Go to a new j2e5 page
  • Make it landscape and 50%
  • Paste – Ctrl-v
  • Make your mindmap as big as possible, crop any spare space

Mind map from text – Rivers

Coggle tools

  • Resize text by dragging
  • Add and delete branches
  • Add a picture
  • Add symbols
  • RH-click to get branch options

Adding a picture

  1. In Google
    1. Search for a simple picture – should be simple,use the word “icon” or “clipart” in your search
    2. Save image as…
  2. In Coggle
    1. When typing, click the picture icon and find your picture (in Downloads or Google Drive)

Success steps

  • explore new software with curiosity and positivity;
  • understand branch structure/rules of mindmaps;
  • classify ideas;
  • drag branches to create compact mind map

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