Jan 242020

How to create an invisible link

  1. Draw a rectangle or any shape
  2. Select it and untick “outline” and “fill”
  3. Place it on the doorway or where you want to click
  4. Make sure it is selected (blue square)
  5. Click “link”
  6. Type for example “#page 3”
  7. Make sure it is the correct page number!
  8. “View” to test it


  1. Zoom into a picture
    1. Use the same picture but crop then enlarge to a detail
    2. Add something extra to the zoomed in page, eg a note, sign or clue
  2. Include a sound
    1. It could “autoplay” when the page is opeped
    2. Or use link to play the sound when you click on an invisible hyperlink
  3. What’s the point of the game?
    1. Include an instruction at the start
      1. Find the lost Roman necklace – leave clues…
      2. Find information about the Roman villa – have pop up info boxes using animate

My example for ideas:



Success criteria

  • Beginning/Aim
    • Title, challenge
  • End
    • Hidden treasure or room, answer to question
  • Clues
  • Fadi in
  • Challenge
    • ** Secret tunnels
    • ** wrong turns
    • ** information boxes
    • l** link to info website eg primary homeork help Roman houses
    • ** Sound clips
    • ** What have players learned about the Romans/Roman houses by playing your game?


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