May 022018

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Open and add

  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. Open your mind map from last week
  3. Add ideas to your mind map

Share your Coggle

  1. Share your Coggle by entering my email address

More techniques

  1. Create an unconnected idea.
  2. Create links – dashed lines – between ideas
  3. Insert symbols – label most important/interesting facts with !
    1. Create a key idea to show what the symbols mean
  4. Questions and comments
    1. Add a ?  symbol to an idea – then add a comment to that idea – a question about rivers
  5. Add hyperlinks to websites about Rivers

Preparing to print

  1. Fitting to print area
    1. Fit your Coggle on your screen – with not much spare space
    2. It will then be the right shape to print on A4 landscape
  2. Exporting
    1. Save the Coggle as a picture
    2. Email the picture to me
    3. Copy the picture into a j2e5 page



  1. TEXT  Biggest in middle, then getting smaller
  2. PICTURES  Simple, cartoon/clip art pictures for some branches
  3. STRUCTURE – Title –> Chapters –> Sections –> Info –> Details
  4. SHARE with me
  5. SYMBOLS – for most important info and ?s
  6. FIT to rectangle – fill gaps


More information on Rivers

  1. You could get some ideas for main branches and information here:

  One Response to “Y4 LF: Mindmaps (3)”

  1. Note to self – next year – to get a better idea of the structure – start with the Primary Homework Help website. Decompose it (maybe on paper first) into pages – subheading, – ideas – details
    Then go to Coggle

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