Apr 242018

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  • Go to Google Drive
  • Open your mind map from last week
  • Add ideas to your mind map
  • Can you…
    • Make the text bigger for main branches? (Drag the corner)
    • Add a picture?
      • On a new tab, find a picture
      • Click tools – clipart (we need really simple pictures)
      • Save image
      • In Coggle, click on the picture button and find your picture in Downloads or My Drive
  • ** In Coggle
    • Use the ? menu to learn how to do tasks quicker (shortcuts)
    • Click on markdown  on ? menu to find out how to format text
  • You could get some ideas for main branches and information here:

Success steps

  • recall ideas from topic;
  • classify ideas;
  • understand branch structure/rules of mindmaps;
  • explore new software with curiosity and positivity;
  • load blog.

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