Feb 152019

Here are the j2e5 videos:

Success so far:

  • All pages linked up with next and previous
  • Tested links
  • ** Page number links

Next, using your knowledge from your Roman topic or Chinese New Year topic, create the content for your eBook.  Choose a small topic, eg Roman Food.

Romans homework help website – don’t just copy information from this site (see the copyright notice at the bottom of the page).  Write information in your own workds.

  1. An attractive title page
  2. 3 more pages of information with one sentence on each and a picture.
  3. Whe you search for pictures – use “Images – tools – usage rights – labelled for non commercial use
  4. Drag pictures from the Internet onto your j2e5 page
  5. Picture video help
  6. ** Make a button to a useful webpage by copying the address and pasting it in the link box instead of a page number.
  7. Web link video help
  8. **Add more pages to your book

Success criteria

  • Accurate writing
  • All links working
  • Pictures – labelled for non commercial resue
  • Simple text
  • Big and bold pages
  • Use whole page
  • Page size 640 x 480
  • 4 pages

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