Jan 052019
  1. Create and save two pages in j2e5:
    1. Page 1
    2. Page 2
  2. On Page 1 you need
    1. Title:  “Page 1” – make it big!
    2. “Link to page 2”
  3. On Page 2 you need
    1. Title:  “Page 2” – make it big!
    2. “Link to page 1”
  4.  Making the hyperlinks:
    1. Select “link to page 2”
    2. Click “link” on the tool panel
    3. Click “browse…”
    4. Select Page 2
    5. Click “ok”
    6. SAVE
  5. Testing the link
    1. Make sure you have saved
    2. Click “view”
    3. Click on the link
    4. If it doesn’t work, try step 4 again.
  6. Now create the link back to page 1 from page 2
  7. Can you make a button with shapes and text?
  8. Add a link to my blog:  https://st-marks-wilts-sch-uk.j2bloggy.com/MrWs-Computing-Blog/

More to think about

  • HTML is the language that is used to make webpages.  Click on this link to see how links work in HTML : HTML links
  • Make a simple adventure game by creating pages with doors which are links to a new page.  It could be a maze…

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