Jan 242018

LF1 Typing with correct fingers

  • Fingers on home keys
  • Only one finger off at a time
  • 25 WPM and 2 stars to continue

LF2 Exploring j2blast

  • Practise this week’s spellings
  • Try logging in at home

LF Drawing and duplicating in j2e

1 Making a page border with your own drawing

  • Use this video to help you make a page border with your own drawing.

Success steps

  • Log into j2e
  • Start a new j2e5 page
  • Use the drawing tools to draw a SIMPLE picture
  • Change colours
  • Use group button
  • Move items with the mouse
  • Use duplicate tool to copy shapes
  • Select more than one item
  • Be resilient – take care when lining up shapes
  • Save with a useful name

2 Now try a more complicated toy – a car, train, dolls house…

  • Make it big to start with, then shrink it

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