May 012018

Choose one of these projects:


  • Visit this website about British spiders:
  • For each type of spider:
    • Find its length in cm.  You could use CTRL-F and enter cm to find it quickly on the page
    • On another tab, search for a picture of the spider – use “.png ” in your search to find pictures without a background, eg “huntsman spider .png”
    • Copy and paste the image to your j2e5 page
    • Use the ruler or measuring tool to make the spider the correct size
    • Label the spider


  • Start a new j2e5 page
  • Make a new table with 1 column and 10 rows
  • Visit this website to find out the longest rivers in the world and their lengths:
  • Put the information in your table
  •  Create a graph from your table by selecting it and clicking the graph button
  • Add a picture of the world with the rivers labelled (in shared pictures)
  • Add a title and make the page into an attractive poster – make things as big as possible to fill the page.


  • Create another poster about the tallest mountains on each continent
  • Use the information here:
  • Search for “seven summits map” to find a map of the world with these mountains marked on – add it to your poster
  • Add a title and some pictures

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