Jan 102020

Lesson 1

  1. Check email
  2. Follow link in email  to Google Classroom
  3. Click the link in the comment to go to form and enter your chosen topic.
  4. When groups have been sorted – go to Google Drive, create a new Google Slides.  Share it with your group members.
  5. Decide on one persons Slides and work on that one.
  6. Prepare one slide each
    1. Simple layout
    2. A few notes
    3. A picture or two

Lesson 2

  • Agree a style
  • Prepare your talking (not reading)
Oct 042019


  1. A fact
  2. A picture
  3. Three words to describe

Fill in this form to answer questions


  • Use the word kids or  ks2 when searching
  • 4 Use multiple key words to search
  • 4 Know some trusted websites on a range of topics
  • 5 Search for images marked for reuse
  • 5 Use CTRL-F to find words on a page
  • 5 Use Google search tools
  • 5 Reference websites used
  • 6 Use searching techniques:
    • “” exact phrases
    • * wildcard
    • – to exclude.
Sep 302019

j2e5 skills

Year 3

  • Enter username and password
  • Select items (arrow tool – double click – blue squares)
  • Delete items (select, backspace)
  • Undo
  • Click and drag
  • Resize, rotate, reposition items
  • Change effects – colours, thickness, bold,…
  • Use tools
  • Duplicate items (drag )
  • Search for media within j2e ()
  • Save ()
  • Locate work

Year 4

  • Attention to detail
  • Choosing fonts
  • Layering items
  • Crop images
  • Drag select more than one item

Year 5

  • Use websites to generate content eg cooltext
  • Stretch images in j2e (shift-drag)
  • Attention to detail
  • Group items
  • Shape crop images

Year 6

  • Attention to detail
  • Independently use tools
  • Focus on audience, purpose
  • Actively solve problems

Learning skills

  • Is positive when exploring new tools
  • Has a “hands down and have a go” attitude.
  • Is sociable – ready to help, accepts help
Jun 032019

Week 3 – finishing

  • Intro (eg black screen, black with title, black)
  • Images with narration
    • Adjust volumes so info is clear
    • Adjust length of images to fit narration – with small gaps for music interlude (only a few seconds)
  • Credits
    • Written and presented by … (first names only)
    • St Mark’s C of E Junior School, Salisbury, 2019
    • Music [name of music] by Kevin MacLeod
    • Insert this picture: “incompetech.com   License: CC BY creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 (or include the slide from me)”

Week 2

By the end of today:

  • All pictures into iMovie
  • Including all blank/title/quote screens
  • Find backing music and email me
  • Narration in note form ready top start narrating next week


GMail app

  1. Log in
  2. At end of session – manage accounts – delete account

Google image search

  1. Swipe colours to the left to find usage rights – labelled for non commercial use

Week 1

  1. Choose your favourite topic from any year at St Mark’s
  2. Plan (use email to draft)
    1. Ideas
    2. Pictures (labelled for non commercial use; attach to email)
    3. Facts
    4. Intro
    5. Outro
    6. Script
    7. Music – look on incompetech.com for appropriate soundtrack music – email me the link
  3. Planning success – minimum
    1. 5 picures
    2. 5 pieces of information (in own words) t go with pictures
    3. music
  4. Produce iMovie (access email on iPad – don’t forget to remove account at end)
    1. Pictures
    2. Edit lengths
    3. Credits
    4. Title
    5. Music – incompetech.com
  5. Share
    1. Save
    2. Publish
    3. Promote
Apr 252019
  1. Darkness
    1. variable counting down
    2. Background brightness effect
  2. Movement
    1. follow mouse?
    2. arrow keys?
    3. left-right-jump? (+ platforms?)
  3. Lights out
  4. Disable movement at 0

Computational thinking

  1. Don’t panic! Understand the problem
    1. Game brief
    2. Q and A
  2. Simplify! (decomposition)
    1. Pick ONE part at a time
      1. Sky going dark
      2. Sprite moving UDLR
      3. Turn off lights when touched by sprite
  3. De ja vu?
    1. Have we done anything similar before?
    2. What Scratch blocks do you remember?
  4. Create a plan – algorithm
  5. Have a go…!

Game brief

A game company would like you to make a WW2 blackout themed computer game featuring, the landscape of a UK city threatened by the Blitz.  The aim is to put up blackout curtains in the daytime before nightfall so that the bombers will pass harmlessly overhead during the night.  Successive screen will become harder with more windows to cover and bigger buildings.  Wardens will be patrolling.  You may have to find or buy blackout material.  Depending on how completely you blackout the city, bombs will fall.  How long can you keep your city from being destroyed – a percentage score could drop after each night of bombing….