Jan 072020

Lesson 1

  1. From j2launch, open Google Drive
  2. Click  “+ New” – “Google Docs”
  3. Look through the menus and options
  4. Create a document with information about South America
  5. How can you use the different tools to present your information effectively?
    1. Banner pictures
    2. Text boxes (tables – coloured boxes)
    3. Text in columns
    4. Pictures/text


Lesson 2

  1. Insert a table
    1. Make the border lines invisible
    2. Colour the cells
    3. Change width/merge cells
  2. Insert pictures
    1. Put them in different places
    2. Crop – eg banner picture at top
  3. Style
    1. Choose font, colours (one or two only)
    2. Avoid rainbox, fancy fonts
  4. Information
    1. Keep it simple and short
Feb 042019

Quick Activities

  • Drawing the Internet (whiteboard and pens)
  • Online Choices Compass
  • Digital Compass (Computer Room)
  • Interland

  • What would you do?
  • Who owns the Internet?
  • Rounds – Q+A

Videos to watch and discuss:

Safer Internet Day Website



Jan 142019

(Y5 + Spruce only) Signing up…again

  • We need to sign up again…
  • This time, we will have username of the form: ab16-1stm
  • I will send you a link to get to your class sign up page

In Scratch

  • Complete a range of tutorials to learn different skills in Scratch 3
  • Make a j2e5 page called Scratch 3 skills
  • Add learning conversation to record what you have achieved today.

**Can you record a sound?  You may need to allow access to the microphone…