Feb 042019

Quick Activities

  • Drawing the Internet (whiteboard and pens)
  • Online Choices Compass
  • Digital Compass (Computer Room)
  • Interland

  • What would you do?
  • Who owns the Internet?
  • Rounds – Q+A

Videos to watch and discuss:

Safer Internet Day Website



Jan 142019

(Y5 + Spruce only) Signing up…again

  • We need to sign up again…
  • This time, we will have username of the form: ab16-1stm
  • I will send you a link to get to your class sign up page

In Scratch

  • Complete a range of tutorials to learn different skills in Scratch 3
  • Make a j2e5 page called Scratch 3 skills
  • Add learning conversation to record what you have achieved today.

**Can you record a sound?  You may need to allow access to the microphone…

Jan 072019
  1. Go to Scratch:  https://scratch.mit.edu/
  2. Click “Start creating”
  3. Watch the intro video
    1. What is different in Scratch 3?
    2. What is the same?
    3. What did you remember? What is new to you?
  4. Click “Tutorials” – start with “Animate an adventure game”
  5. If you finish that one, develop it, or try another tutorial.
  6. How could you use Scratch for a topic based project?
  7. Save your work to your Google Drive.
  8. You could also try Y4 task – hyperlinked pages in Scratch – a way of setting up an interactive ebook with linked pages in scratch.


Sep 202018
  1. Typing
    1. LF Keep hands still – fingers on home keys
  2. Finish j2e5 skills page and save
    1. LF Use more tools in j2e5
      1. Have a go – try something – be resilient
      2. Be accurate
  3. Book covers
    1. Go to “my files”, “shared files”, your class folder
    2. Look at the different book covers
    3. Keep the cover you are doing on the page.
    4. Use the tools in j2e to copy one of them as accurately as possible.

Things to consider:

  • Start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  • Use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match
  • Large background picture – crop then lock in place
  • Search for png images (without white background), eg google “apple png”
  • Copy and paste images from the Google Chrome (or drag onto j2e page)
  • Choose font carefully
  • Use layers (like a paper collage) = piles of paper tools bottom right
  • Keep improving…

Useful tools…?

Stormbreaker sphere video:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=17c6qWtFTbxyR4Oob5jG59-uxL6naW2ti


Find “More Stormbreaker book covers” in shared files and have a go at another one…  What different skills do you need?

Sep 102018


  1. Look at Y3 post “Welcome to the Computer Room!”
    1. How would you rate yourselves this morning?
    2. Is there anything you would add for Y3s?  You could add as a comment


  • What would you like to achieve in Computing this year?

j2e5 skills

  1. In my files, shared files, open “j2e5 skills”
  2. Copy the objects exactly
    1. Y4 Open “food and farming book covers”, choose one book cover to copy.
    2. Y5  Open “stormbreaker cover” from shared files – can you make an exact copy using j2e tools…?
    3. Y6 Open “mayan book covers” – choose one book cover to copy exactly using j2e tools
  3. TIP 1 : start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  4. TIP2: use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match


May 142018
  1. Finish your game plan (Google drive – classroom)
  2. Decomposition means breaking a problem or situation down into simple pieces.  When we are programming, we need to break the game down into simple bits that we program one at a time.
  3. Start with one part of your plan, eg how the main character moves.
  4. Break it down:
    1. Animation, eg walking
      1. Draw two or more costumes
      2. Example walking animation
      3. Make them swap all of the time when the greem flag is pressed.
    2. Controls
      1. Arrow keys
        1. Left – change x by -5
        2. Right – change x by 5
        3. Up – change y by 5
        4. Down- change y by -5
      2. Point int the right direction
        1. Left – point in direction – left
        2. Right – point in direction – right
      3. Rotation style: Left-right
  5. Now choose another element of your plan to work on
    1. Break it down…
May 082018


  1. We are going to plan and create a Greek themed game using Scratch.
  2. Think about some of the stories you have learned about –  Greek gods or heroes.
  3. What stories could you make a game about?
  4. Games could include
    1. Action – running,  jumping,  fighting,  climbing, flying
    2. Questions
    3. Choices
    4. Mazes
  5. Characters (sprites)
    1. Animated (costumes)
    2. Variables – lives, strength
    3. Controls
    4. Main character
    5. Other characters
    6. Other sprites
  6. Screens (Backgrounds)
    1. Title
    2. Instructions
    3. Level 1
    4. More levels


  1. Go to Google classroom to find the planning sheet
  2. Start filling it in
  3. Include sketches of characters using drawings
  4. Go to Scratch to remind yourself of how it works
    1. Comment any “How do I …?” questions on Google Classroom