Mar 212018

Watch the videos and use them to improve your Egyptian Maze game.

Video 1  – Movement through a maze

  1. Arrow keys
  2. Point in correct direction
  3. Stop at walls
  4. Backpack

Video 2 – Code so far

  1. Scratch cat – movement, react to baddies
  2. Baddies – glide across the screen
  3. Door
  4. Backgrounds

Video 3 – Next level

  1. When cat touches door, switch to the next level
  2. Send the cat back to the start

Next steps…

  • Create another level or two
  • Create a variable called Lives that starts at 3 and takes one off every time you hit a baddie
  • Make a Game Over background – make it switch to that background when you have no lives.



Mar 122018

LF1 Finding work

  1. Log into j2e – my files
  2. Click on your scratch project
  3. Sign in:  stm-ab15

LF2 Movement controls

  1. Scratch cat script
    1. Make Scratch move up, down, left, right when you press the arrow keys:
      1. Events – when up arrow pressed…ScreenHunter_155 Feb. 22 08.16
      2. Up = change y by  5 ; Down = change y by -5ScreenHunter_157 Feb. 22 08.17
    2. Test it out by trying to get past the Egyptian god!

LF3 Choosing coordinates

  1. Look at the Egyptian God script – can you work out how it works?
  2. RH-click on the Egyptian god and duplicate to get two more – one for each level
  3. Change the x y numbers so they patrol left and right
  4. TIP
    1. move it to where you want it
    2. select motion blocks (they will have the correct numbers for x and y)
  5. Test the game – make sure it is just possible to get past by going into the tunnels

LF 4 Use drawing tools

  1. Stage – Backdrops
  2. RH click to duplicate (If RH click doesnt work Shift-click)
  3. Edit the second backdrop to make a new level

LF5 Makes sprites interact

  1. Scratch script
    1. Add blocks so that, when Scratch touches the door, the background changes
      1. Clue: forever, if, touching baddie, next background
    2. Make a new set of blocks so that, when Scratch touches a baddie, it returns to the start position
      1. Clue: forever, if, touching baddie, got to…
    3. How can we make Scratch only move when it is not touching the walls?