Jan 072020

Lesson 1

Video tutorial

  1. Open “linked pages template” in shared files, st-marks
  2.  Making the hyperlinks:
    1. Select “Next”
    2. Click “link” on the tool panel
    3. Type “#page 2”
    4. Click “ok”
    5. SAVE
  3. Testing the link
    1. Make sure you have saved
    2. Click “view”
    3. Click on the link
  4. Now create the link back to page 1 from page 2
  5. You could also have the page numbers at the bottom so you can skip to any page.
  6. Can you make a button with shapes and text?
  7. Add a link to my blog:  https://st-marks-wilts-sch-uk.j2bloggy.com/MrWs-Computing-Blog/

More to think about

  • HTML is the language that is used to make webpages.  Click on this link to see how links work in HTML : HTML links
  • Make a simple adventure game by creating pages with doors which are links to a new page.  It could be a maze…

Lesson 3

  1. Template file – Chinese Palace
  2. Make doors links to explore the palace
  3. Make simple adventure game
  4. ** Make a map (site map)


Sep 302019

j2e5 skills

Year 3

  • Enter username and password
  • Select items (arrow tool – double click – blue squares)
  • Delete items (select, backspace)
  • Undo
  • Click and drag
  • Resize, rotate, reposition items
  • Change effects – colours, thickness, bold,…
  • Use tools
  • Duplicate items (drag )
  • Search for media within j2e ()
  • Save ()
  • Locate work

Year 4

  • Attention to detail
  • Choosing fonts
  • Layering items
  • Crop images
  • Drag select more than one item

Year 5

  • Use websites to generate content eg cooltext
  • Stretch images in j2e (shift-drag)
  • Attention to detail
  • Group items
  • Shape crop images

Year 6

  • Attention to detail
  • Independently use tools
  • Focus on audience, purpose
  • Actively solve problems

Learning skills

  • Is positive when exploring new tools
  • Has a “hands down and have a go” attitude.
  • Is sociable – ready to help, accepts help
Sep 192019

LF: j2e tools

  1. Go to “my files”, “shared files”, your class folder
  2. Open the Farming book cover and edit
  3. Use the tools in j2e to copy it as accurately as possible.

Things to consider:

  • Start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – DECOMPOSITION
  • Use 3 OR 4 KEY SEARCH WORDS to find an exact picture match
  • Large background picture – crop then lock in place
  • Search for png images (without white background), eg google “apple png”
  • Copy and paste images from the Google Chrome (or drag onto j2e page)
  • Choose font carefully
  • Use layers (like a paper collage) = piles of paper tools bottom right
  • Keep improving…

Useful tools…?

Stormbreaker sphere video:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=17c6qWtFTbxyR4Oob5jG59-uxL6naW2ti


Have you copied the book cover exactly?

  • Layout
  • Spacing
  • Colours
  • Pictures
  • Fonts
  • Positioning

Choose a contrasting book cover to copy.

What have you learned about good cover design?

Jun 032019
  1. Watch
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPpkaldk84Y
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDWk0BCeblQ
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Gp7PUOFtA
  2. Choose a story or poem to animate; get into groups
    1. http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/geography/story/main.html
    2. http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/life/story/main.html
    3. http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/menu.html
  3. Storyboard
    1. If whole class, share write,
  4. Make characters, background
    1. Make copies of characters, settings for different groups
  5. Animate with iCanAnimate
    1. Experiment with movement/tools
  6. Put together in iMovie
    1. Edit
    2. Add music
    3. Credits
  7. Publish, publicise, promote


Apr 262019

Watch the video about mind maps:

Explore Coggle tools

  • Explore the tools on Coggle (j2launch – Google Drive,  New – more – Coggle)

Mind map from text – Egypt

Transferring to j2e5

  • Click download – image
  • Right hand click – copy
  • Go to a new j2e5 page
  • Make it landscape and 50%
  • Paste – Ctrl-v
  • Make your mindmap as big as possible, crop any spare space

Mind map from text – Rivers

Coggle tools

  • Resize text by dragging
  • Add and delete branches
  • Add a picture
  • Add symbols
  • RH-click to get branch options

Adding a picture

  1. In Google
    1. Search for a simple picture – should be simple,use the word “icon” or “clipart” in your search
    2. Save image as…
  2. In Coggle
    1. When typing, click the picture icon and find your picture (in Downloads or Google Drive)

Success steps

  • explore new software with curiosity and positivity;
  • understand branch structure/rules of mindmaps;
  • classify ideas;
  • drag branches to create compact mind map

Next post – Mindmaps (2)

How to Mind Map

The Student’s Guide to Mind Mapping



Mar 202019

CT principles poster

LF1 Logging on!

LF2 Movement controls

  1. Go to “My stuff” and click on your maze project
  2. (Original project =  https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/205492019/ _
  3. See inside
  4. Scratch cat code
    1. Make Scratch move up, down, left, right when you press the arrow keys:
      1. Events – when up arrow pressed…ScreenHunter_155 Feb. 22 08.16
      2. Up = change y by  5 ; Down = change y by -5ScreenHunter_157 Feb. 22 08.17
    2. Test it out by trying to get past the Egyptian god!

LF3 Choosing coordinates

  1. Look at the Egyptian God script – can you work out how it works?
  2. RH-click on the Egyptian god and duplicate to get two more – one for each level
  3. Change the x y numbers so they patrol left and right
  4. Test the game – make sure it is just possible to get past by going into the tunnels

LF 4 Use drawing tools

  1. Stage – Backdrops
  2. RH click to duplicate
  3. Edit the second backdrop to make a new level

LF5 Make sprites interact

  1. Scratch script
    1. Add blocks so that, when Scratch touches the door, the background changes
    2. Make a new set of blocks so that, when Scratch touches a baddie, it returns (go to…) to the start position
    3. How can we make Scratch only move when it is not touching the walls?
Feb 042019

Quick Activities

  • Drawing the Internet (whiteboard and pens)
  • Online Choices Compass
  • Digital Compass (Computer Room)
  • Interland

  • What would you do?
  • Who owns the Internet?
  • Rounds – Q+A

Videos to watch and discuss:

Safer Internet Day Website



Jan 172019

Work through these videos in order.  Don’t forget to save!

  1. Video tutorial – seeting up page links in j2e5
  2. Video tutorial  – setting up page links in Scratch
  3. Video tutorial 2 – using page numbers as links in j2e5
  4. Video tutorial 2 – Making page links and hiding links in Scratch
  5. Video tutorial 3 – Show what page we’re on – in Scratch

Now you have set up the links for an eBook in j2e5 and Scratch.

Using your knowledge from your Roman topic, create the content for your eBook.  Choose a small topic, eg Roman Food.

  1. An attractive title page
  2. 3 more pages of information with one sentence on each and a picture.
    1. Whe you search for pictures – use “Images – tools – usage rights – labelled for non commercial use
Jan 072019
  1. Go to Scratch:  https://scratch.mit.edu/
  2. Click “Start creating”
  3. Watch the intro video
    1. What is different in Scratch 3?
    2. What is the same?
    3. What did you remember? What is new to you?
  4. Click “Tutorials” – start with “Animate an adventure game”
  5. If you finish that one, develop it, or try another tutorial.
  6. How could you use Scratch for a topic based project?
  7. Save your work to your Google Drive.
  8. You could also try Y4 task – hyperlinked pages in Scratch – a way of setting up an interactive ebook with linked pages in scratch.