Sep 192018
  1. Log into your Chromebook
  2. On the j2launch page – click 
  3. Click j2e5 
  4. Explore  the tools – what can you add to the page?
  5. Save  as “my first j2e5 page”


  1. Go back to the first tab – j2launch
  2. Click on “My files” 
  3. Click on “Shared files”, your class folder
  4. Click on the “calligrams” file to open it
  5. Click save 
  6. Use the tools in j2e5 to make the words come alive
  7. Try out as many tools as you can – BE CURIOUS
  8. Do some of your own words and ideas if you have time
Sep 102018


  • Come in quietly (starts in playground/class/corridor)
  • Keep equipment tidy
  • Feet down
  • “In Computing…” poster

Logging in

  • Open lid gently
  • Type in first few letters and 18
  • Type in password (don’t tell anyone)
  • Click “sign in with Google”

Logging out

  • Press and hold power button
  • Close lid gently