Feb 102020

Watch – Own it

Key questions
• What are the key messages in the video?
• What did you like/dislike about the video?
• What did you find out about online identity from the video?
• If you were in this video, what would you have said about the topic of online identity?

Watch – Jessica’s wish

Key questions
• What would it be like if we were all the same?
• What’s good about being different online?
• How many ways are we all different online?
• Do we always have to agree with/have the same view as other people?



Do you like going online? Why or why not?
• What things make us different online?
• What things make us similar online?
• How can we make everyone feel welcome online?
• If you had one wish for the internet, what would it be?
• How can we all make a positive change online?
• What are your three top tips for staying safe online?

Onine Safety Survey


  • Questions/concerns