May 142018
  1. Finish your game plan (Google drive – classroom)
  2. Decomposition means breaking a problem or situation down into simple pieces.  When we are programming, we need to break the game down into simple bits that we program one at a time.
  3. Start with one part of your plan, eg how the main character moves.
  4. Break it down:
    1. Animation, eg walking
      1. Draw two or more costumes
      2. Example walking animation
      3. Make them swap all of the time when the greem flag is pressed.
    2. Controls
      1. Arrow keys
        1. Left – change x by -5
        2. Right – change x by 5
        3. Up – change y by 5
        4. Down- change y by -5
      2. Point int the right direction
        1. Left – point in direction – left
        2. Right – point in direction – right
      3. Rotation style: Left-right
  5. Now choose another element of your plan to work on
    1. Break it down…
May 082018


  1. We are going to plan and create a Greek themed game using Scratch.
  2. Think about some of the stories you have learned about –  Greek gods or heroes.
  3. What stories could you make a game about?
  4. Games could include
    1. Action – running,  jumping,  fighting,  climbing, flying
    2. Questions
    3. Choices
    4. Mazes
  5. Characters (sprites)
    1. Animated (costumes)
    2. Variables – lives, strength
    3. Controls
    4. Main character
    5. Other characters
    6. Other sprites
  6. Screens (Backgrounds)
    1. Title
    2. Instructions
    3. Level 1
    4. More levels


  1. Go to Google classroom to find the planning sheet
  2. Start filling it in
  3. Include sketches of characters using drawings
  4. Go to Scratch to remind yourself of how it works
    1. Comment any “How do I …?” questions on Google Classroom
Mar 122018

LF1 Finding work

  1. Log into j2e – my files
  2. Click on your scratch project
  3. Sign in:  stm-ab15

LF2 Movement controls

  1. Scratch cat script
    1. Make Scratch move up, down, left, right when you press the arrow keys:
      1. Events – when up arrow pressed…ScreenHunter_155 Feb. 22 08.16
      2. Up = change y by  5 ; Down = change y by -5ScreenHunter_157 Feb. 22 08.17
    2. Test it out by trying to get past the Egyptian god!

LF3 Choosing coordinates

  1. Look at the Egyptian God script – can you work out how it works?
  2. RH-click on the Egyptian god and duplicate to get two more – one for each level
  3. Change the x y numbers so they patrol left and right
  4. TIP
    1. move it to where you want it
    2. select motion blocks (they will have the correct numbers for x and y)
  5. Test the game – make sure it is just possible to get past by going into the tunnels

LF 4 Use drawing tools

  1. Stage – Backdrops
  2. RH click to duplicate (If RH click doesnt work Shift-click)
  3. Edit the second backdrop to make a new level

LF5 Makes sprites interact

  1. Scratch script
    1. Add blocks so that, when Scratch touches the door, the background changes
      1. Clue: forever, if, touching baddie, next background
    2. Make a new set of blocks so that, when Scratch touches a baddie, it returns to the start position
      1. Clue: forever, if, touching baddie, got to…
    3. How can we make Scratch only move when it is not touching the walls?