Apr 262019

Watch the video about mind maps:

Explore Coggle tools

  • Explore the tools on Coggle (j2launch – Google Drive,  New – more – Coggle)

Mind map from text – Egypt

Transferring to j2e5

  • Click download – image
  • Right hand click – copy
  • Go to a new j2e5 page
  • Make it landscape and 50%
  • Paste – Ctrl-v
  • Make your mindmap as big as possible, crop any spare space

Mind map from text – Rivers

Coggle tools

  • Resize text by dragging
  • Add and delete branches
  • Add a picture
  • Add symbols
  • RH-click to get branch options

Adding a picture

  1. In Google
    1. Search for a simple picture – should be simple,use the word “icon” or “clipart” in your search
    2. Save image as…
  2. In Coggle
    1. When typing, click the picture icon and find your picture (in Downloads or Google Drive)

Success steps

  • explore new software with curiosity and positivity;
  • understand branch structure/rules of mindmaps;
  • classify ideas;
  • drag branches to create compact mind map

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How to Mind Map

The Student’s Guide to Mind Mapping



May 212018


  • Tree-like
  • Rectangular shape – size of screen, no gaps
  • No overlapping branches/labels
  • Text size – no tiny text
  • Add your name as an unconnected idea – RH click in a space

Saving and uploading to j2e

  1. In Coggle – click download 
  2. Download pdf AND download image (RH click – save image)
  3. In j2launch – upload 
  4. Choose files…
  5. Upload both pdf and png files to j2e
  6. Make a new j2e5 page
    1. landscape
    2. mind map as big as possible
    3. save as “river mind map”


Have a go at this blog post

May 022018

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Open and add

  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. Open your mind map from last week
  3. Add ideas to your mind map

Share your Coggle

  1. Share your Coggle by entering my email address

More techniques

  1. Create an unconnected idea.
  2. Create links – dashed lines – between ideas
  3. Insert symbols – label most important/interesting facts with !
    1. Create a key idea to show what the symbols mean
  4. Questions and comments
    1. Add a ?  symbol to an idea – then add a comment to that idea – a question about rivers
  5. Add hyperlinks to websites about Rivers

Preparing to print

  1. Fitting to print area
    1. Fit your Coggle on your screen – with not much spare space
    2. It will then be the right shape to print on A4 landscape
  2. Exporting
    1. Save the Coggle as a picture
    2. Email the picture to me
    3. Copy the picture into a j2e5 page



  1. TEXT  Biggest in middle, then getting smaller
  2. PICTURES  Simple, cartoon/clip art pictures for some branches
  3. STRUCTURE – Title –> Chapters –> Sections –> Info –> Details
  4. SHARE with me
  5. SYMBOLS – for most important info and ?s
  6. FIT to rectangle – fill gaps


More information on Rivers

  1. You could get some ideas for main branches and information here:
Apr 242018

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  • Go to Google Drive
  • Open your mind map from last week
  • Add ideas to your mind map
  • Can you…
    • Make the text bigger for main branches? (Drag the corner)
    • Add a picture?
      • On a new tab, find a picture
      • Click tools – clipart (we need really simple pictures)
      • Save image
      • In Coggle, click on the picture button and find your picture in Downloads or My Drive
  • ** In Coggle
    • Use the ? menu to learn how to do tasks quicker (shortcuts)
    • Click on markdown  on ? menu to find out how to format text
  • You could get some ideas for main branches and information here:

Success steps

  • recall ideas from topic;
  • classify ideas;
  • understand branch structure/rules of mindmaps;
  • explore new software with curiosity and positivity;
  • load blog.

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