Oct 042018
  • Typing
  • Create a Thank you card to thank the adult who was looking after you last week
  • Use the template in shared files
  • Be specific, personal
  • Draw pictures with the drawing tools
  • Rotate the inside sections


  • Bold, bright
  • Top left – upside down
  • At least three specific thank yous
  • Fill up the areas
  • Delete lines
  • In my files – Add a ” learning conversation” to say “finished”
  • Go onto typing
Sep 202018
  1. Typing
    1. LF Keep hands still – fingers on home keys
  2. Finish j2e5 skills page and save
    1. LF Use more tools in j2e5
      1. Have a go – try something – be resilient
      2. Be accurate
  3. Book covers
    1. Go to “my files”, “shared files”, your class folder
    2. Look at the different book covers
    3. Keep the cover you are doing on the page.
    4. Use the tools in j2e to copy one of them as accurately as possible.

Things to consider:

  • Start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  • Use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match
  • Large background picture – crop then lock in place
  • Search for png images (without white background), eg google “apple png”
  • Copy and paste images from the Google Chrome (or drag onto j2e page)
  • Choose font carefully
  • Use layers (like a paper collage) = piles of paper tools bottom right
  • Keep improving…

Useful tools…?

Stormbreaker sphere video:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=17c6qWtFTbxyR4Oob5jG59-uxL6naW2ti


Find “More Stormbreaker book covers” in shared files and have a go at another one…  What different skills do you need?

Sep 192018
  1. Log into your Chromebook
  2. On the j2launch page – click 
  3. Click j2e5 
  4. Explore  the tools – what can you add to the page?
  5. Save  as “my first j2e5 page”


  1. Go back to the first tab – j2launch
  2. Click on “My files” 
  3. Click on “Shared files”, your class folder
  4. Click on the “calligrams” file to open it
  5. Click save 
  6. Use the tools in j2e5 to make the words come alive
  7. Try out as many tools as you can – BE CURIOUS
  8. Do some of your own words and ideas if you have time
Sep 102018


  1. Look at Y3 post “Welcome to the Computer Room!”
    1. How would you rate yourselves this morning?
    2. Is there anything you would add for Y3s?  You could add as a comment


  • What would you like to achieve in Computing this year?

j2e5 skills

  1. In my files, shared files, open “j2e5 skills”
  2. Copy the objects exactly
    1. Y4 Open “food and farming book covers”, choose one book cover to copy.
    2. Y5  Open “stormbreaker cover” from shared files – can you make an exact copy using j2e tools…?
    3. Y6 Open “mayan book covers” – choose one book cover to copy exactly using j2e tools
  3. TIP 1 : start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  4. TIP2: use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match


May 012018

Choose one of these projects:


  • Visit this website about British spiders:
  • http://britishspiders.org.uk/wiki2015/index.php?title=Category:Spider_Species
  • For each type of spider:
    • Find its length in cm.  You could use CTRL-F and enter cm to find it quickly on the page
    • On another tab, search for a picture of the spider – use “.png ” in your search to find pictures without a background, eg “huntsman spider .png”
    • Copy and paste the image to your j2e5 page
    • Use the ruler or measuring tool to make the spider the correct size
    • Label the spider


  • Start a new j2e5 page
  • Make a new table with 1 column and 10 rows
  • Visit this website to find out the longest rivers in the world and their lengths:  http://www.ducksters.com/geography/worldrivers.php
  • Put the information in your table
  •  Create a graph from your table by selecting it and clicking the graph button
  • Add a picture of the world with the rivers labelled (in shared pictures)
  • Add a title and make the page into an attractive poster – make things as big as possible to fill the page.


  • Create another poster about the tallest mountains on each continent
  • Use the information here:  http://encyclopedia.kids.net.au/page/li/List_of_mountains
  • Search for “seven summits map” to find a map of the world with these mountains marked on – add it to your poster
  • Add a title and some pictures
Apr 242018

Famous Ships

  • Open this j2e page:  https://www.j2e.com/st-marks-wilts-sch-uk/Mr+W/Y3+Famous+ships+with+table/
  • Save
  •  Complete the table by putting in the lengths of the ships
  • Create a horizontal bar chart and make it the width of the page
  • Send the graph to the back by clicking ScreenHunter_80 May. 08 14.22
  • Make each ship the length of the bar on the bar chart.
  • Delete the bar chart
  • Line up the ships to make a bar chart of ships
  • Make the page into an attractive poster
    • add a title
    • could add a ship page border
    • don’t resize the ships!
Feb 282018

Finish border

  1. Finish your volcano border – see last blog


  1. Add the title:  EXTREME EARTH
    1. You could use the cool text website
      1. Choose a style
      2. Type the title
      3. Create logo
      4. Drag and drop to j2e5
      5. or
      6. RH click on the title – copy image
      7. In j2e – CTRL-V to paste

Add pictures + text

  1. Search volcano, earth, earthquake pictures in j2e5
    1. resize, position
    2. crop
      1. drag the middle blobs
      2. choose a crop shape
  2. Add words to do with the topic:
    1. mantle, magma, lava, volcano,…

Add name

  1. Add your name and class at the bottom


  1. Space things out evenly
  2. Look at some book covers to help you with your design
Feb 012018
  1. In my files, make a new folder and call it “Dragon maze”
  2. Page 1 – LF Insert pictures and shapes
    1. Make a new j2e5 page
    2. Change the size to 640×480
    3. Add a picture of a castle entrance
      1. I have shared some pictures with you
    4. Draw a shape ScreenHunter_145 Jan. 09 07.52 around the door
    5. Untick the outline so the shape is invisible
    6. Save as “Castle entrance”
  3. Page 2
    1. Make a new j2e5 page
    2. Change the size to 640×480
    3. Add a picture of an entrance hall
    4. Save as “Entrance hall”
  4. LF Organise pages into folders
    1. In my files, drag both your pages into the “Dragon maze” folder
    2. Each time you make a new page, drag it into the folder
  5.  LF Link pages
    1. Open “Castle entrance”
    2. Select the invisible door shape
    3. Click link
    4. Browse
    5. Select “Entrance hall”, link
    6. Ok
    7. Save
    8. View – to test your link
  6. LF Add more pages and links
    1. Add more pages and links to build up a journey through the castle
    2. You could make a j2e5 page which is a map of the rooms like this one: Castle map
  7. LF Refine your design!
    1. Check pages are correct size
    2. Make pages same size
    3. Choose font carefully – keep it consistent
    4. Change background colour?
    5. Link to map/beginning on each page – same

Success criteria

  • Change size of page
  • Insert shared images
  • Draw and format shapes
  • Create links to other pages
  • Use a folder in my files


  • Hide a dragon in one of the rooms
  • Get someone else to play your game and suggest improvements.  Then take their advice and improve it!
  • Add animations (magic items)
  • Hide clues or doorways (behind objects that disappear when you click on them?)


  • Red – use text, shapes, pictures
  • Orange – resize, move, change font, colour
  • Yellow – working links
  • Green – lining up, page size, detail, map
  • Blue – style choices, intro, animations, seek on and act on advice
  • Purple – polished work
Jan 242018

LF1 Typing with correct fingers

  • Fingers on home keys
  • Only one finger off at a time
  • 25 WPM and 2 stars to continue

LF2 Exploring j2blast

  • Practise this week’s spellings
  • Try logging in at home

LF Drawing and duplicating in j2e

1 Making a page border with your own drawing

  • Use this video to help you make a page border with your own drawing.

Success steps

  • Log into j2e
  • Start a new j2e5 page
  • Use the drawing tools to draw a SIMPLE picture
  • Change colours
  • Use group button
  • Move items with the mouse
  • Use duplicate tool to copy shapes
  • Select more than one item
  • Be resilient – take care when lining up shapes
  • Save with a useful name

2 Now try a more complicated toy – a car, train, dolls house…

  • Make it big to start with, then shrink it