Jan 102020

Lesson 1

  1. Check email
  2. Follow link in email  to Google Classroom
  3. Click the link in the comment to go to form and enter your chosen topic.
  4. When groups have been sorted – go to Google Drive, create a new Google Slides.  Share it with your group members.
  5. Decide on one persons Slides and work on that one.
  6. Prepare one slide each
    1. Simple layout
    2. A few notes
    3. A picture or two

Lesson 2

  • Agree a style
  • Prepare your talking (not reading)
Mar 062018

LF: Copy and paste

  1. In j2launch, click on Google Classroom then await further instruction…

Success steps

  • Listen to/wath and read information from the Internet
  • Find answers to quiz questions
  • Use Google Classroom
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to copy ctrl+C and paste ctrl+V
  • Use mouse to copy and paste:  right-hand-click  copy/paste