Mar 202019
  • Discuss CT principles poster
  • Game brief
  • Work through principles…
    • 1 Questions and answers, notes
    • 2 Break it down, steps
    • 3 In Scratch – remind yourselves of blocks
    • 4 Steps to blocks
    • 5 Try
    • 6 Evaluate


Game brief

A game company would like you to make a WW2 blackout themed computer game featuring, the landscape of a UK city threatened by the Blitz.  The aim is to put up blackout curtains in the daytime before nightfall so that the bombers will pass harmlessly overhead during the night.  Successive screen will become harder with more windows to cover and bigger buildings.  Wardens will be patrolling.  You may have to find or buy blackout material.  Depending on how completely you blackout the city, bombs will fall.  How long can you keep your city from being destroyed – a percentage score could drop after each night of bombing….


Feb 012018
  1. In my files, make a new folder and call it “Dragon maze”
  2. Page 1 – LF Insert pictures and shapes
    1. Make a new j2e5 page
    2. Change the size to 640×480
    3. Add a picture of a castle entrance
      1. I have shared some pictures with you
    4. Draw a shape ScreenHunter_145 Jan. 09 07.52 around the door
    5. Untick the outline so the shape is invisible
    6. Save as “Castle entrance”
  3. Page 2
    1. Make a new j2e5 page
    2. Change the size to 640×480
    3. Add a picture of an entrance hall
    4. Save as “Entrance hall”
  4. LF Organise pages into folders
    1. In my files, drag both your pages into the “Dragon maze” folder
    2. Each time you make a new page, drag it into the folder
  5.  LF Link pages
    1. Open “Castle entrance”
    2. Select the invisible door shape
    3. Click link
    4. Browse
    5. Select “Entrance hall”, link
    6. Ok
    7. Save
    8. View – to test your link
  6. LF Add more pages and links
    1. Add more pages and links to build up a journey through the castle
    2. You could make a j2e5 page which is a map of the rooms like this one: Castle map
  7. LF Refine your design!
    1. Check pages are correct size
    2. Make pages same size
    3. Choose font carefully – keep it consistent
    4. Change background colour?
    5. Link to map/beginning on each page – same

Success criteria

  • Change size of page
  • Insert shared images
  • Draw and format shapes
  • Create links to other pages
  • Use a folder in my files


  • Hide a dragon in one of the rooms
  • Get someone else to play your game and suggest improvements.  Then take their advice and improve it!
  • Add animations (magic items)
  • Hide clues or doorways (behind objects that disappear when you click on them?)


  • Red – use text, shapes, pictures
  • Orange – resize, move, change font, colour
  • Yellow – working links
  • Green – lining up, page size, detail, map
  • Blue – style choices, intro, animations, seek on and act on advice
  • Purple – polished work