Jan 172019

Work through these videos in order.  Don’t forget to save!

  1. Video tutorial – seeting up page links in j2e5
  2. Video tutorial  – setting up page links in Scratch
  3. Video tutorial 2 – using page numbers as links in j2e5
  4. Video tutorial 2 – Making page links and hiding links in Scratch
  5. Video tutorial 3 – Show what page we’re on – in Scratch

Now you have set up the links for an eBook in j2e5 and Scratch.

Using your knowledge from your Roman topic, create the content for your eBook.  Choose a small topic, eg Roman Food.

  1. An attractive title page
  2. 3 more pages of information with one sentence on each and a picture.
    1. Whe you search for pictures – use “Images – tools – usage rights – labelled for non commercial use