Feb 082019

You wouldn’t go surfing, if you never learned to swim
Surfing on the web is a very similar thing
Be informed, think about actions you perform
Do you give consent and where is it stored?



“Internet safety” rap by Year 6 girls

Feb 042019

Quick Activities

  • Drawing the Internet (whiteboard and pens)
  • Online Choices Compass
  • Digital Compass (Computer Room)
  • Interland

  • What would you do?
  • Who owns the Internet?
  • Rounds – Q+A

Videos to watch and discuss:

Safer Internet Day Website



Jan 242019
  1. Slide 1 title

  2. Slide 2 Three useful website

  3. Slide 3 Five questions


  1. Visit your Google Classroom to open the blank Slides
  2. Subject
    1. Choose a small subtopic for your presentation
    2. Add a title on the first slide
    3. Add more slides – choosing an appropriate layout
  3. Theme
    1. Choose a suitable theme
      1. If you are going to use picture backgrounds…
        1. Same one for all slides? Different
        2. Muted/darker?
        3. Images need to be “labelled for non-commercial reuse”
    2. ** Can you use a template? File – new – from template
      1. Can you save this in your Classroom folder in Google Drive? It needs to appear in my Classroom folder…
    3. Decide on fonts and colours
  4. Information
    1. Find at least three useful and reading/age-appropriate websites on the subject
    2. Paste the links on Slide 2 using bullet points
    3. Write 5 questions that you would like to answer on Slide 3
  5. Slides
    1. Plan each slide – give each slide a title
    2. Add information in your own words
  6. Images
    1. Search for images for your Slides
    2. Use search tools – usage rights – marked for non-commercial use



Jan 182019

Come and do 10 minutes typing.

Tuesday Lunch – Years 3 and 4 – 12.45-1.00

Wednesday Lunch – Years 5 and 6 – 12.15-12.30

Jan 172019

Work through these videos in order.  Don’t forget to save!

  1. Video tutorial – seeting up page links in j2e5
  2. Video tutorial  – setting up page links in Scratch
  3. Video tutorial 2 – using page numbers as links in j2e5
  4. Video tutorial 2 – Making page links and hiding links in Scratch
  5. Video tutorial 3 – Show what page we’re on – in Scratch

Now you have set up the links for an eBook in j2e5 and Scratch.

Using your knowledge from your Roman topic, create the content for your eBook.  Choose a small topic, eg Roman Food.

  1. An attractive title page
  2. 3 more pages of information with one sentence on each and a picture.
    1. Whe you search for pictures – use “Images – tools – usage rights – labelled for non commercial use
Jan 142019

(Y5 + Spruce only) Signing up…again

  • We need to sign up again…
  • This time, we will have username of the form: ab16-1stm
  • I will send you a link to get to your class sign up page

In Scratch

  • Complete a range of tutorials to learn different skills in Scratch 3
  • Make a j2e5 page called Scratch 3 skills
  • Add learning conversation to record what you have achieved today.

**Can you record a sound?  You may need to allow access to the microphone…

Jan 072019
  1. Go to Scratch:  https://scratch.mit.edu/
  2. Click “Start creating”
  3. Watch the intro video
    1. What is different in Scratch 3?
    2. What is the same?
    3. What did you remember? What is new to you?
  4. Click “Tutorials” – start with “Animate an adventure game”
  5. If you finish that one, develop it, or try another tutorial.
  6. How could you use Scratch for a topic based project?
  7. Save your work to your Google Drive.
  8. You could also try Y4 task – hyperlinked pages in Scratch – a way of setting up an interactive ebook with linked pages in scratch.


Jan 072019

Video tutorial

  1. Click here: Page links then click “See inside”
  2.  Making the hyperlinks:
    1. Click on “Stage” then “Backdrops” to see the different pages
    2. Click on “sprite 1” then “Code”
    3. Add these blocks:
      1. Events: When this sprite clicked
      2. Looks: Switch backdrop to
      3. Change the backdrop to “next backdrop”
  3. Testing the link – click on Go to next page
  4. Now create the previous page links in the same way.
  5. You could also have the page numbers at the bottom so you can skip to any page.
  6. Can you make a button with shapes and text?

Video tutorial 2 – Making page links and hiding links

Video tutorial 3 – Show what page we’re on

Next steps – now we are ready to start designing our eBook.

  1. Plan the content:
    1. Title page
    2. What’s on each page
  2. Create pages by editing each backdrop
  3. Add more pages – you will then need  more page number sprites with the code (you can just duplicate ones you already have and change their costumes, edit the code)

More to think about

  • HTML is the language that is used to make webpages.  Click on this link to see how links work in HTML : HTML links
  • Make a simple adventure game by creating pages with doors which are links to a new page.  It could be a maze…