Jan 102020

Lesson 1

  1. Check email
  2. Follow link in email  to Google Classroom
  3. Click the link in the comment to go to form and enter your chosen topic.
  4. When groups have been sorted – go to Google Drive, create a new Google Slides.  Share it with your group members.
  5. Decide on one persons Slides and work on that one.
  6. Prepare one slide each
    1. Simple layout
    2. A few notes
    3. A picture or two

Lesson 2

  • Agree a style
  • Prepare your talking (not reading)
Jan 072020

Lesson 1

  1. From j2launch, open Google Drive
  2. Click  “+ New” – “Google Docs”
  3. Look through the menus and options
  4. Create a document with information about South America
  5. How can you use the different tools to present your information effectively?
    1. Banner pictures
    2. Text boxes (tables – coloured boxes)
    3. Text in columns
    4. Pictures/text


Lesson 2

  1. Insert a table
    1. Make the border lines invisible
    2. Colour the cells
    3. Change width/merge cells
  2. Insert pictures
    1. Put them in different places
    2. Crop – eg banner picture at top
  3. Style
    1. Choose font, colours (one or two only)
    2. Avoid rainbox, fancy fonts
  4. Information
    1. Keep it simple and short
Jan 072020

Lesson 1

Video tutorial

  1. Open “linked pages template” in shared files, st-marks
  2.  Making the hyperlinks:
    1. Select “Next”
    2. Click “link” on the tool panel
    3. Type “#page 2”
    4. Click “ok”
    5. SAVE
  3. Testing the link
    1. Make sure you have saved
    2. Click “view”
    3. Click on the link
  4. Now create the link back to page 1 from page 2
  5. You could also have the page numbers at the bottom so you can skip to any page.
  6. Can you make a button with shapes and text?
  7. Add a link to my blog:  https://st-marks-wilts-sch-uk.j2bloggy.com/MrWs-Computing-Blog/

More to think about

  • HTML is the language that is used to make webpages.  Click on this link to see how links work in HTML : HTML links
  • Make a simple adventure game by creating pages with doors which are links to a new page.  It could be a maze…

Lesson 3

  1. Template file – Chinese Palace
  2. Make doors links to explore the palace
  3. Make simple adventure game
  4. ** Make a map (site map)


Jan 062020
  1. Open gmail (button in j2launch)
  2. Click “compose” to write a new email
  3. In the “To:” box, copy this email address:
  4. hedgehog@st-marks.wilts.sch.uk
  5. In the subject box, write “secret message”
  6. In the main message box, write a polite message to Harry the hedgehog, asking if he knows anything about a secret message for the children of St Mark’s.
  7. When you get a reply, read it and follow what it says…


  • Make a j23 page called: “Email challenge” so I can grade your work
  • Email the person next to you an interesting fact.
  • Can you think of some sensible rules to keep everyone safe and happy using email? Add them as a comment to this post.