Sep 192019

LF: j2e tools

  1. Go to “my files”, “shared files”, your class folder
  2. Open the Farming book cover and edit
  3. Use the tools in j2e to copy it as accurately as possible.

Things to consider:

  • Start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – DECOMPOSITION
  • Use 3 OR 4 KEY SEARCH WORDS to find an exact picture match
  • Large background picture – crop then lock in place
  • Search for png images (without white background), eg google “apple png”
  • Copy and paste images from the Google Chrome (or drag onto j2e page)
  • Choose font carefully
  • Use layers (like a paper collage) = piles of paper tools bottom right
  • Keep improving…

Useful tools…?

Stormbreaker sphere video:


Have you copied the book cover exactly?

  • Layout
  • Spacing
  • Colours
  • Pictures
  • Fonts
  • Positioning

Choose a contrasting book cover to copy.

What have you learned about good cover design?

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