Mar 182019

1 Topic front cover

  • Neat border
  • BIG title: Extreme Earth
  • Pictures
  • Even spaces
  • Topic words
  • Name, class – quite small

2 Volcano diagram

  • JIT – drawing
  • Draw a diagram of a volcano
  • Save

3 Volcano animation

  • JIT – animate
  • On the first slide, draw the background – anything that won’t change
  • On the next slides add changes – s l o w l y
  • Press
    • Red plus – to keep last slide picture
    • Green plus – to get rid of last slide picture

4 Mix it up

  • JIT  – mix
  • Choose 4 panels with
    • text
    • picture
    • text
    • animation


Mar 112019

Citizen Science is when scientists invite the general public help them with their research.  The public may not be experts in science, but we can help by looking at pictures online and labelling them by saying what we see.  (It’s a task that computers are not very good at but people are.)

Snapshot Serengeti has thousands of photos taken by camera traps in Africa and scientists want us to help say which animals we see, how many there are, whether there are any young and what the animals are doing.

  • Here’s the link:
  • Click “”Get started”
  • Click on “Tutorial” if you need instructions
  • When you click on an animal name – it will show you, so you know if you have chosen the right one – if you haven’t – “cancel”  You could click through the animals first to see what they are – Gazelle (Thompson’s) is quite a common one.

How many animals can you find…?


Mar 052019

LF Using j2e5 tools

Success steps

1 Finish border

  1. Finish your border – see last blog

2 Title

  1. Add the title:  EXTREME EARTH
    1. You could use the cool text website
      1. Choose a style
      2. Type the title
      3. Create logo
      4. Drag and drop to j2e5
      5. or
      6. RH click on the title – copy image
      7. In j2e – CTRL-V to paste

3 Add pictures + text

  1. Search volcano, earth, earthquake pictures in j2e5
    1. resize, position
    2. crop
      1. drag the middle blobs
      2. choose a crop shape
  2. Add words to do with the topic:
    1. mantle, magma, lava, volcano,…

4 Add name

  1. Add your name and class at the bottom

5 Editing

  1. Space things out evenly – no big gaps, pictures paced evenly
  2. Look at some book covers to help you with your design


Feb 272019

1 Making a page border with your own drawing

  • Use this video to help you make a page border with your own drawing.

Success steps

  1. Start a new j2e5 page
  2. Use the drawing tools to draw a SIMPLE picture
  3. Change colours
  4. Use group button – to make it one picture
  5. Move items with the mouse
  6. Use grid and snap
  7. Use duplicate tool to copy shapes
  8. Select more than one item by dragging a box
  9. Be resilient – take care when lining up shapes
  10. Save with a useful name


Put your name in the bottom right hand corner.

Make the page into a topic title page:

  1. Add a BIG title:  Extreme Earth
  2. Use the picture search in j2e to find pictures of the Earth, volcanoes,…
  3. Fill the page
Feb 152019

Here are the j2e5 videos:

Success so far:

  • All pages linked up with next and previous
  • Tested links
  • ** Page number links

Next, using your knowledge from your Roman topic or Chinese New Year topic, create the content for your eBook.  Choose a small topic, eg Roman Food.

Romans homework help website – don’t just copy information from this site (see the copyright notice at the bottom of the page).  Write information in your own workds.

  1. An attractive title page
  2. 3 more pages of information with one sentence on each and a picture.
  3. Whe you search for pictures – use “Images – tools – usage rights – labelled for non commercial use
  4. Drag pictures from the Internet onto your j2e5 page
  5. Picture video help
  6. ** Make a button to a useful webpage by copying the address and pasting it in the link box instead of a page number.
  7. Web link video help
  8. **Add more pages to your book

Success criteria

  • Accurate writing
  • All links working
  • Pictures – labelled for non commercial resue
  • Simple text
  • Big and bold pages
  • Use whole page
  • Page size 640 x 480
  • 4 pages
Feb 082019

You wouldn’t go surfing, if you never learned to swim
Surfing on the web is a very similar thing
Be informed, think about actions you perform
Do you give consent and where is it stored?



“Internet safety” rap by Year 6 girls

Feb 042019

Quick Activities

  • Drawing the Internet (whiteboard and pens)
  • Online Choices Compass
  • Digital Compass (Computer Room)
  • Interland

  • What would you do?
  • Who owns the Internet?
  • Rounds – Q+A

Videos to watch and discuss:

Safer Internet Day Website