Oct 042018
  • 15 minutes on calligrams page

Create a repeated page border

  • Start a new j2e5 page
  • Use the drawing tools to draw a simple picture
  • Select more than one item by dragging
  •  to make them one object
  • Switch on snap and grid to line up 
  • Drag  to copy another one
  • Save
Oct 042018
  • Typing
  • Create a Thank you card to thank the adult who was looking after you last week
  • Use the template in shared files
  • Be specific, personal
  • Draw pictures with the drawing tools
  • Rotate the inside sections


  • Bold, bright
  • Top left – upside down
  • At least three specific thank yous
  • Fill up the areas
  • Delete lines
  • In my files – Add a ” learning conversation” to say “finished”
  • Go onto typing
Sep 202018
  1. Typing
    1. LF Keep hands still – fingers on home keys
  2. Finish j2e5 skills page and save
    1. LF Use more tools in j2e5
      1. Have a go – try something – be resilient
      2. Be accurate
  3. Book covers
    1. Go to “my files”, “shared files”, your class folder
    2. Look at the different book covers
    3. Keep the cover you are doing on the page.
    4. Use the tools in j2e to copy one of them as accurately as possible.

Things to consider:

  • Start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  • Use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match
  • Large background picture – crop then lock in place
  • Search for png images (without white background), eg google “apple png”
  • Copy and paste images from the Google Chrome (or drag onto j2e page)
  • Choose font carefully
  • Use layers (like a paper collage) = piles of paper tools bottom right
  • Keep improving…

Useful tools…?

Stormbreaker sphere video:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=17c6qWtFTbxyR4Oob5jG59-uxL6naW2ti


Find “More Stormbreaker book covers” in shared files and have a go at another one…  What different skills do you need?

Sep 192018
  1. Log into your Chromebook
  2. On the j2launch page – click 
  3. Click j2e5 
  4. Explore  the tools – what can you add to the page?
  5. Save  as “my first j2e5 page”


  1. Go back to the first tab – j2launch
  2. Click on “My files” 
  3. Click on “Shared files”, your class folder
  4. Click on the “calligrams” file to open it
  5. Click save 
  6. Use the tools in j2e5 to make the words come alive
  7. Try out as many tools as you can – BE CURIOUS
  8. Do some of your own words and ideas if you have time
Sep 102018


  1. Look at Y3 post “Welcome to the Computer Room!”
    1. How would you rate yourselves this morning?
    2. Is there anything you would add for Y3s?  You could add as a comment


  • What would you like to achieve in Computing this year?

j2e5 skills

  1. In my files, shared files, open “j2e5 skills”
  2. Copy the objects exactly
    1. Y4 Open “food and farming book covers”, choose one book cover to copy.
    2. Y5  Open “stormbreaker cover” from shared files – can you make an exact copy using j2e tools…?
    3. Y6 Open “mayan book covers” – choose one book cover to copy exactly using j2e tools
  3. TIP 1 : start with the cover background colour and build it up in layers.  Break the problem down – decomposition
  4. TIP2: use 3 or 4 search words to find an exact picture match


Sep 102018


  • Come in quietly (starts in playground/class/corridor)
  • Keep equipment tidy
  • Feet down
  • “In Computing…” poster

Logging in

  • Open lid gently
  • Type in first few letters and 18
  • Type in password (don’t tell anyone)
  • Click “sign in with Google”

Logging out

  • Press and hold power button
  • Close lid gently


Jul 052018

Typing.com until 9.15 (ELM), 10,45 (FIR), 11.35 (HOLLY)

  • Make sure you are using the correct fingers – especially particular children – you know who you are!
  • Make sure you are stretching yourself (not too hard – not too easy)

Main activity

Choose one of the following activities

  1. Continue with the class database

    1. Shared files, British Birds
    2. Use the RSPB website to find information
    3. Enter in the database
    4. I have added a “Who did this record” field – add your name to show that it is your one.
    5. If it keeps on not working, go on to activity 2 or 3…
      1. Bird song
        1. Under the audio clip, click on the link
        2. Download audio file
        3. On the form, upload clip
        4. Then click “my pictures”
  2. Start your own database – choose your own topic

    1. j2launch – j2data – database
    2. On the “define” tab – add fields – think of all the fields you need – you can add more later
    3. On the “form” tab – add data
  3. Create an information poster about a British bird

    1. Include: bold title, pictures, information
    2. Can you include the bird song?
      1. Under the audio clip, click on the link
      2. Download audio file
      3. In j2e click picture icon  then + then “choose file”

FIR – We need to reset passwords

  • Please think of a new password with:
    • letters and numbers
    • at least 8 characters long
    • a capital letter or different symbol, eg !?:()&$£\/<>
  • …and write it in your Reading Record.
  • Next time you log in, it will ask you for you password and then to enter a new one (probnably twice)
  • Make sure you don’t tell anyone your password!